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What Time Of Year Is The Best Time To Sell?

Oct 17, 2022

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The best time to sell in Warwick

We regularly have local homeowners reach out and ask us 'When is the best time of the year to sell our property?'

Is it Spring, when everything looks prettier and people are all about new beginnings?
Is it over the Christmas season, when most big relocations occur?

Seasonality definitely does affect property sales, and depending on your property, the season in which you sell may significantly affect your properties salability.


Spring offers the opportunity to showcase a beautiful garden and exceptional outdoor entertainment area, to sell a property that is uncomfortably cold in winter or hot in summer, and with lots of natural light about, it can be a great time to sell a property that is notoriously dark and gloomy.


Summer is the season to sell if you have a swimming pool and great entertaining area. Like spring, it’s also a great time for those darker, colder, gloomier houses as it will be as bright as it gets.
Other considerations in Summer are that historically, properties flood the market over spring, and by the end of January, many of those houses have been snapped up, however often there are still many buyers left, but far less houses - which means your property is more likely to get the attention it deserves and to potentially have multiple interested parties.
For properties that are very hot and uncomfortable, it may be best to try and avoid selling in Summer, or potentially to investigate installing cooling that can be leveraged at open homes, as the investment in cooling may be offset by the increase in sales price and speed with which your home sells.


Autumn offers great weather and, much like spring, it’s a great time to showcase a beautiful garden. Historically there are less properties on the market in autumn, but still reasonable buyer demand.


Winter generally has the lowest stock of all the seasons, so if a buyer really wants to buy, their options can be limited, if multiple buyers are interested in one property it is common that the price will be driven up.
Winter is also a fabulous time to sell if you have a particularly cosy house, a feature fireplace or luxuries like underfloor heating. With a little bit of extra staging; some cookies in the oven, the fire going/central air at a comfy temperature and a late morning or early afternoon showing (when there is still plenty of sunlight) you are able to make your home look exceptionally livable in the most difficult season in which to make any home inviting!

There is no one “good time” to sell your property, instead, you need to consider your individual circumstances, what sort of property you are trying to sell, and what your local property market is doing.

The first step to determining if now is the right time to sell, is to determine whether you actually have the option to wait.

If you are selling because:

You are committed to buying another property elsewhere and can not afford to keep both or you need to liquidate funds, but don’t have the time to wait for the best return or for any other reason that means that you really need to sell now. Then the real question that you should be asking is “How can I get the best price for my property in the current market?”.
If this is you, give our sales team a call on 07 4661 8403 and arrange for one of our skilled sales agents to pop out and provide you with an obligation free appraisal and their recommendations with regard to how to get the best sale price now.

If you are simply investigating your options:

And trying to determine when the best time to sell your house would be, the first step is to gather a clear picture of the local property market as it currently stands and to investigate historical trends in your local area.
The best way to do that is to speak with the Southern Downs Realty sales team, 07 4661 8403,  to discuss what local prices are doing, how many properties are currently on the market and how many buyers are currently in the market to buy a property like yours.

One of our team members will be able to provide you with an appraisal of your current property value, details of recent, similar sales in the region and give you an idea of the current buyer demand for properties like yours within the region (they may already be in talks with the perfect buyer!). They will also be able to discuss historical trends of the region. For example: Are there consistent peaks and troughs in sales prices throughout the year for houses like yours (it’s never guaranteed that these won’t change this year, but they can also be a good guide).

Once you have all the information that you need with regard to the current market, and market projections, you can make a decision as to when you would like to list your property. At this time, get back in touch with your agent (you’ll find all their details on the appraisal they carried out) and they will be able to help ensure that your property is staged and marketed in order to deliver the best price possible.