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Grow your portfolio and list your property for rent with us. Work with us to drive a great return on your investment property.

The six steps to a successful investment property.

1. Be clear on your goals
What are you trying to achieve by tenanting the property? It's a good idea to consider the realities of property investment alongside it's potential benefits. Will the investment empower or impede your lifestyle? What kind of return do you need to be satisfied with the investment? We'll work with you to develop the key goals of the investment.

2. Double-check your budget
Knowing what you're up for will help you plan your cashflow accordingly and ease the stress of the investment. Consider the ongoing property costs of: loan and interest repayments, council rates, water rates, relevant strata fees, repairs and maintenance, property management fees and landlord's insurance. Having a clear budget that allows for these will give you the confidence to go to market.

3. Research the market
Having a clear idea of the current property market conditions will help you to discern the way you'll invest your property. As property experts, we'll guide you through this using the latest data and insights to help you make an informed decision.

4. Choose the right property managers
Having a professional team in your corner empowers you to grow your investments in other areas. Our property management team is able to: advertise the property, screen potential tenants, conduct property condition reports and routine inspections, manage how and when tenants pay rent, coordinate maintenance and repair issues, and respond to complaints.

5. Listing your property
Now that the research and strategy are clear, we're ready to take your property to market. After listing your property with us, we utilise our team of managers and marketers to present the rental to the right potential tenants.

6. Reaping the rewards
After a careful screening process, and with your confirmation, we place tenants in your property!

While we monitor and manage the tenant relationship, you can get back to building your property portfolio.

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