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Thinking Of Selling Your Property But Unsure If The Time Is Right?

Jan 07, 2022

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The property market across the Southern Downs Region has experienced some large shifts and gains over the last few years causing some property owners to be unsure of the right time to sell their properties.

Potential sellers are wondering whether prices will continue to rise and when the best time to sell will present itself. "Should I hang on to my property for longer and try to make more gains or should I sell my property now while the market is good?" The shifts in the market have caused some angst for sellers, only trying their best to capitalise on their own investments.

In response to this, Southern Downs Realty has developed a resource for those wanting a comprehensive picture of the real estate market in our region. In this resource we illustrate 5 key areas that influenced the real estate market; People, Property, Prices, Pandemic and Potential, in an in-depth study.

Learn more about how the Southern Downs property market region fared in our '2021: Year in review and what's coming up' download.