The To-Do List

Mar 03, 2023

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Thinking about taking your property to market? The best time to start is 3-6 months before you're ready to list. If you want to maximise your property's potential sale price, there are a few simple steps that can have a significant effect on the value of your home. Watch the video below and download our checklist to help you prepare your home for market.

1/ Clean and declutter the property

  • Unnecessary furniture
  • Create a tidy space

2/ Enhance curb appeal

  • First impressions
  • Landscaping
  • Painting fences
  • Fixing damage

3/ Assure compliant with state regulations

  • Smokes alarms
  • Water efficiency standards
  • Making houses future proof

4/ Make it feel like a home

  • De-personalise
  • Make it feel liveable
  • Remove unsightly furniture

5/ Make necessary repairs

  • Loose cupboard door hinges
  • Ripped carpet
  • Paint damage
  • Buyers will assume there's more they can't see

Read Video Transcript:

Today we're going to talk about the five best things we can do to improve your property to get the best possible price. Here's a to-do list.

Clean the clutter

Step one of our to-do list is clean and declutter. It could just be a few simple things like removing a few extra chairs from the lounge room. For example with cleaning, bathrooms are a big thing.

Just make sure that the mould has been removed from the showers; the shower screens are nice and clean. Decluttering. Just remove all you can from your kitchen benches. We don't want to see school notes, we don't want to see phone bills, we just want to see a nice, clean area. They’re just a couple of simple things that you can do to make your property really shine.

Homely but not personal

Second on our to do list, is make it homely but not personal. So, for example, definitely throw those cushions on the couch and put that throw on there as well, but also maybe just strip it back a little bit by removing a few of the family portraits and, you know, grandma's rocking chair that you’re very attached to. Maybe just remove that as well. And then people can see that it is still homely, but they can also add their personal touch to it.


Third on our to do list is making necessary repairs. This could be anything from a leaking tap that needs a new washer, a light bulb that needs to be replaced or even outside - the deck needs to be sanded and re-varnished.

All these things will make such a difference when it comes to selling your property. And for us to get that best price for you.

First looks from the curb

Fourth on our to do list is curb appeal. Curb appeal is a major thing that we need to focus on because it is the first thing that everybody sees. We need to mow those lawns, we need to weed those gardens, and we need to trim those hedges. We need to remember, first impressions really matter.

Codes & Regulations

Lastly, on our to do list is making sure that our property is up to state regulations. One of the biggest things we have is the smoke alarms. They need to all be integrated and they need to be put in by a licensed electrician. If the property has a pool, it needs to be certified and there needs to be a certificate given when the contract is done.

At the end of the day, these small things will help you get the best possible price.

So, there's your to-do list.