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How To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Nov 01, 2022

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Tips to help sell your property quickly

We’ve all heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” but the truth is, humans are conditioned to do exactly that, and it is no different with your home.

Just like before attending a job interview you pop on your best outfit and tidy your hair, prior to sale, the front of your home will likely also need a little bit of TLC, spit and polish!

Below we have listed some of the quick, and simple fixes that can add a whole lot of curb appeal to your home, which will help you to draw more potential buyers through the door.

1) Tidy up your garden

A well maintained lawn, weeded and freshly mulched gardens will give the front of your home a happy and welcoming feel. If you don’t have existing garden beds, you don’t need to commit to a full landscaping task, a few well placed pots can add the illusion of a healthy garden.

2) Give your front door a refresh

The humble front door is the entrance to your home, and truth be told, it often gets quite the workout from the weather. If your front door is looking tired and weather-beaten, a lick of paint or sand & stain will make it look brand new and extra welcoming in no time.

3) Refresh or replace your mailbox & house numbers

While your home is on the market, people will be trying to find it, and generally, this means that your mailbox will be on full display (it’s what tells everyone they are definitely at #52!). Ensure that your mailbox is looking its best. If it is dirty, power wash it. If it is all rusty, replace it. Is your house number still legible? If not, your local hardware store will have a variety of options for little cost.

4) Clean & tidy paths & driveways

Ensure that your front path/driveway invites potential buyers in by making sure they are clean and well maintained. If you have concrete or brick paths/driveways - a pressure cleaner is a great way to remove any moss, mildew and stains. If your concrete has seen better days, it might be a great idea to give it a lick of concrete paint. If you have a gravel path/drive, ensure that it is weed free. Ensure there are no potholes, and if necessary, perhaps refresh the gravel.

5) Clean, tidy & repair your fence & gates

Oftentimes, you get used to the tricks required to open your gate, and you become blind to that paling that has been hanging off the fence for the last 2 years. But potential buyers won’t be. Ensure that all of your gates, latches and fences are in good order. Pressure clean, repair and paint them as required.

6) Add some lighting

Lighting at the front of your home ensures that it is welcoming at any time - day or night. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to engage the services of an electrician, there are many solar powered garden lights available from hardware stores that will look great and provide sufficient lighting.

7) Clean your eaves & gutters

Spiders, mildew and mould all love to congregate on your eaves, but they really don’t do much for the street appeal of your home. Make sure that your eaves are clean and fresh with a pressure clean and, if required, a lick of paint, ensure your gutters aren’t overflowing with leaves - which might make a potential buyer think twice about the maintenance required on your property.

8) Clean your front windows

The first glimpse that buyers are likely to have inside your home will be through the front windows - make sure that your windows are clean. It will help more light into the house, and give a great first impression.

9) Remove the pile of shoes from your doorway & keep leaves at bay

The last tip for ensuring your property maintains its street appeal throughout the period it is for sale is to ensure that you don’t leave shoes by the door and invest in an outdoor broom or blower to keep leaves and dust off paths, verandas and patios.